Thursday, November 4, 2010

Maradeka Condemns Violence in Mindanao “Caution PNoy Gov’t from Peace Saboteurs”

Arrested MILF Leader, Edward Guerra
The recent spate of violence in Mindanao may thus far spurn the hopes of the Mindanaoans for meaningful peace under the Aquino administration. Police authorities’ early accusations against the Moro rebel group in the absence of clear evidence shadowed doubt on the conduct of probe on all incidents, thus, many civil society groups suspected possible sabotage of the Mindanao peace process.

We joined many Mindanao organizations and religious groups in condemnation of the recent spates of violence in Mindanao such as the bus bombing in North Cotabato, ambuscade in Maguindanao town and extortion activities.

It is our belief that the perpetration of these acts of violence worried many peace advocates that the repeat of this cycle of violence followed its usual pattern similar from the past experience whose perpetrators’ sole objective is to sabotage peace in Mindanao.

Weeks earlier, our allied Mindanao civil society groups denounced the Armed Forces of the Philippines for the arrest of the leader of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Edward Mohandis Guerra as an affront of the Mindanao peace negotiations and a clear violation of the GRP-MILF ceasefire agreement under which its observation and compliance covered the immunity of every MILF officers and members for their safety and security involved in the peace process.

At the same time the MILF leadership was outraged by the arrest, the local PNP’s malicious implication of MILF following the recent bombing in North Cotabato and ambuscade without the benefit of thorough investigation suggest that the timing of these series of incidents could perfectly well creates a scenario meant to obstruct the conduct of peace negotiations. “It behooves us to think that those unhappy of the peace talks to resume could yet have the hands in the perpetration of these crimes,” said Nash Pangadapun, secretary general of Maradeka.

We urged the PNoy government to treat with circumspect the Mindanao issue and cautions of the possible “peace saboteurs” that will hinder his administration’s commitment to pursuing peace in Mindanao inclusive of all the peoples, groups and stakeholders and let alone not to put in harm ways many innocent lives and their economic prosperity and the peace and order to detriment. (read more...)